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NAVA® 300 (Discontinued)
Explore your digital adventure
Precisely designed and produced
Full-featured and multi-functioned
Accurate, rugged and user-friendly portable GPS
For professional and amateur outdoor use

>> Can be powered by both AA battery and       rechargeable Li battery with long battery life

>> Transflective color display readable under       sunlight
>> Acquiring satellite signals fast quickly with       high sensitive GPS receiver

>> Compatible with KML, GPX, SHP, MIF, CSV,       DXF data format

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• NAVA 300 retains the core functionality, rugged construction, affordability and long battery life that made NAVA the most dependable GPS device available.

• We improved the user interface and added a worldwide basemap, paperless geocaching.

• NAVA 300 has an enhanced 65k colors Transflective TFT LCD display that’s easy to read in any lighting situation. Both durable and waterproof, NAVA 300 is built to withstand the elements.

• Its easy-to-use interface means you’ll spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time searching for information.

   >>NAVA 110
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