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NAVA Series Handheld GPS
FAQs for NAVA Series Handheld GPS
FAQs for GISA Series GIS Data Controller
FAQs for Sporca bike GPS
FAQs for NAVA 110 Land Measurement GPS
Q: How accurate is the NAVA GPS ?
  A: NAVA GPS provides 3-5 meters accuracy in GPS mode
Up to 1-3 meters when receiving SBAS satellites corrections.
SBAS includes WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS and have a global worldwide coverage.
2. Q: Maps of NAVA ?
  A: NAVA GPS 300, 400 and 600 series are delivered with a worldwide base map with countries boundaries and main city locations.
Detailed maps / topo maps are available for NAVA400 and NAVA600 which support micro SD card once ordered.
3. Q: Can I upload my own map background in raster or vector formats ?
  A: NAVA GPS does not support raster maps.
Custom designed vector maps can be created by using NAVA Map Generator(MG software). After lisence from BHCnav, the map can be upload and activated in NAVA.
4. Q: What are the user interface languages supported by NAVA GPS ?
  A: NAVA GPS series and NAVA Office are available in English only.
French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Korean are available upon request.
5. Q: How rugged are the NAVA GPS receives ?
  A: The NAVA GPS have been designed to survive in harsh environment. The units are IPX7 rated and survive to 1.5 m drop on concrete.
6. Q: Memory of NAVA GPS ?
. A: The NAVA GPS comes with two types of memory:
• 128 MB internal flash memory
• Up to 4GB Micro SD card slot to be used for storing maps for display and for data collected.
7. Q: Battery types and lifespan of NAVA ?
  A: NAVA 300, 400 and 600 can use both AA batteries as well as an optional Lithium Ion battery pack. AA batteries provides up to 15 hours power and the Li-Ion pack up to 25 hours running time.
The Lithium Ion battery pack is rechargeable via the USB data cable when connected to a USB port or the an AC/DC adapter or via an optional car lighter adaptor.
8. Q: NMEA data NAVA GPS provide ?
  A: The NAVA GPS can output the following NMEA 0183 V2.2 data:
- GGA at 1Hz rate
- GSA at 1Hz rate
- GSV at 1Hz rate
9. Q: Ports for output the NMEA data ?
  A: The NAVA GPS will output the NMEA 0183 V2.2 data to an external device using the USB output.
10. Q: What are in NAVA box ?
  A: The NAVA GPS are delivered with the following items : Standard Packing List
In the Box
NAVA GPS device
Owner's Manual
Quick Guide
Neck Lanyard
USB Cable
Software CD
11. Q: How to update NAVA software ?
  A: Step1: Connect the device to office computer by USB cable
    Step2: Firstly, Press "Zoom In" key and "NEXT/EXIT" key at the same time. When the screen turn black, immediately press Zoom Out, MENU and NEXT/EXIT at the same time. When the screen showing Updating AP Mode, release these three keys;
    Step3: Tap My Computer on the desktop, you will found two new Local Disk (If your NAVA GPS device has micro SD card, there are another disk named Removable Disk);
    Step4: Replace the old HC_GPS folder in one of two new Local Disks by the new HC_GPS folder;
    Step5: Press Zoom In key and NEXT/EXIT key at the same time to restart your GPS device.
    1. Zoom In : "+" key at the left side of NAVA;
    2. Zoom out : "-" key at the left side of NAVA
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