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BHCnav and The Seventh Pligrimage of Hsuan Tsang Gobi Desert Challenge
May 28th, 2012

BHC Navigation Co., Ltd. has successfully sponsored for The Seventh Pligrimage of Hsuan Tsang Gobi Desert Challenge, which is very famous and important outdoor challenge game.
Hsuan Tsang, a Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty(618—907), walked from Tang Capital to India and brought back the Sutra, or Buddhist holy book, and translated it into Chinese on his return to China. This is a true legendary, and in order to commemorate and recall Hsuan Tsang, this Challenge hold every year since seven years ago.
The challenge was started at TAER temple in Guazhou ,Gansu province of China on May 22th, 2012. After four days and three nights of harsh and fierce competition, it finally ended at Baiduizi of Guazhou city on May 26th, 2012.
More than 20 teams at home and abroad took part in this Challenge. All team member swalked for at least 112 kilometers in Gebi Desert. With the harsh environmental and long journey, this Challenge fulfilled the meaning of Pilgrimage to west Dream, Activity and Insistence.
BHCnav Provided NAVA handheld GPS device for the competition. One of the participant told us that, NAVA handheld GPS is easy to use and rugged. They use NAVA handheld GPS to record their routes and tracks during the challenge. They said that they would also like to put the records into Googleearth and to share the data with other outdoor enthusiastic. In this way, they can make a better route planning in the Gebi Desert.
Video link :http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDEzOTgzNTU2.html
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